Save the Dates!

Thank you so much to the positive feedback we have had from members to our suggestion that we begin meeting in person again.  (I recently learned that we are not the only Florida society restarting in-person meetings)  We looked into a downtown location, so far without success.  So we have booked the South Library on each of the following dates: 

March 12 – Social meeting – Let’s get to know each other again!

April 9 – topic yet to be determined

May 14 – topic yet to be determined

Each meeting will begin at 1pm.  Please hold the dates and time.  

A couple of other points:

– We do want to be respectful of members’ different views towards in-person meetings.  If there are any members who would like to join us by Zoom, please do let me know.  It will be difficult to organize something for an informal social meeting, but for a formal speaker maybe we can set up a strategically placed camera if there is sufficient demand.  

– I propose too that interested members adjourn to a family restaurant after the meeting as we used to do in the past.  Doesn’t have to be Applebees!  So think about whether you’d like to join us and whether there are other good venues.  We will take numbers at the meeting.

Paul Howes, Acting President

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